Each of the Brothers in the Gita Symbolize Something. . .Bhima

Bhima, the second of the Pandava brothers, is all heart.  It is fitting that he correlates with the 4th chakra, Ananhata, also called "hrid padma".

Some factoids about Bhima:
  • Bhima is all heart, but is easily swayed by emotion.
  • Bihima is the son of Kunti and the god Vayu, the wind god.  
    • He is also seen as the either the son of Hanuman or some form of Hanuman, or as a reincarnation of Hanuman.
    • The earth shook when Bhima was born.
  • Bhima represents the positive qualities of cessation.
  • He is able to take a strong vow or a difficult tapas.
  • In Gyan Yoga, the term for Bhima is Uparati, cessation.
  • His incognito postition in the Virata court was as a cook.
    • He is described as having an enormous appetite and a big belly.
  • Bhima is determined, and carries his whole family on his back when they can go no further.
  • His opposite amont the Kauravas is Shakuni, who represents attachment, the klesa of raga.
  • The 4th chakra, Anahata, is associated with the sound of creation, the unstruck sound.
  • Anahata is associated with air, the sense involvements of sound and touch.
  • The bija mantra is "yam"
  • Anahata has 12 petals
    • kam  (hope, expectation)
    • kham (care, anxiety)
    • gam (endeavor)
    • gham (attachment)
    • nam (arrogance, hypocrisy)
    • cham (languour, infirmity)
    • ccham (conceit, egoism)
    • jam (discrimination)
    • jham (covetousness, timidity)
    • jnam (duplicity, fraud)
    • tam (indecisioun, suspicion)
    • tham (regret)

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