The Process

How to study and learn a pose, aka "The Process"

  1. Practice the pose.  
  2. Look the pose up in _Light on Yoga_, _Gem for Women_ and other books.
    1. Pracice
    2. Read
    3. Practice 
    4. Read
    5. Repeat
  3. Find which 3 prior poses, from prior syllabi, teach the actions to do your current pose.  What poses give us the knowledge to practice the pose.  Which poses teach us the compenant parts of our pose?
  4. Do the pose and study the effects and results from practicing this pose.  What does this pose do?
  5. Draw a cartoon with the arrows showing direction of intent.
  6. Write down the 10 points of motions and actions in the pose. 
  7. Determine what pose(s) may need to come after this pose.  Does this pose require a follow-up?
  8. Compare the pose with similar poses.  How are they similar?  How are they different?
  9. What are the props required for this pose?  What are common modifications for this pose?
  10. Sequence your pose into your practice.  In what week should you practice this pose?  Standing pose week?  Forward bend week?
  11. Study, practice, repeat.

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