Lolasana - Pendant Poser

When teaching, allot 30 seconds to demo Lolasana, and 1 minute to get your students into the pose.

Little practice sequence to learn Lolasana

  1. Utkatasana - compact the legs and lengthen the torso away from the hips
  2. Garudasana - utilize the hamstrings to further compact the legs.  
  3. Prasarita Padottanasana -
    1. first with a concave spine, straighten the arms. 
    2. Press the roots of each finger (and thumb!) down as you draw your triceps to the back corners of your armpits.    
  4. Prasarita Padottanasana - 
    1. bend your elbows and bring your hands in line with your feet.  
    2. Press your hands down and draw your elbows towards each other to take your shoulders towards your hips.  
    3. Lift your waist, especially the sides of your waist, to round the spine.  
  5. Adho Mukha Svanasana - press your hands down to firm your arms and lengthen your side body
  6. Dandasana - press your hands down into the floor, just as you did in Prasarita Padottanasana
  7. Ardha Navasana - draw the entire abdomen toward your back-body as you compress your hips and legs into mid-line.
  8. Lolasana!
Instructions for getting into Lolasana:
  1. Sit in Dandasana
  2. Cross your legs into siddhasana I
  3. Press your hands down into the floor/blocks as your draw your triceps up to straighten your arms.  Work your arms like in Dandasana.
  4. Exhale, continue to press down (like in Dandasana) as you draw your side waist up to lift your trunk off the floor.  
  5. Draw your tailbone in and your abdomen to your back-body to round your back.
  6. Lift your legs up.  Firm and compact your lower legs into your upper legs to left the legs.
  7. Point your toes straight back to further compact your legs.
In a nut-shell:
  1. Straighten your arms
  2. Lift your trunk
  3. Engage your core
  4. lift your legs

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